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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Clay Kells

Today I stopped by Sprague to pick up The Book of Kells title that we have there. The folios of the art work of the Book of Kells are spectacular! So I swung by, dropped off A Dance with Dragons, grabbed Kells and headed into work. I was late, but then I knew I would be and had told our office manager yesterday I'd be stopping to get that. It was good to see everyone. I miss it there so much. On to Bush, and one of the ladies had started the computers, but I had to go in and get one row going anyways. Off to LLI and I had one kid, then another came about half way through. I was expecting four but I seem to do better with the one or two that showed up! Back to the library for some sorting, do I have a ton to sort. Then to Mrs. M's room for more word cards and some reading. My lunch, then cafeteria duty. Back to the library and a student did her last work for me and paid off her book! I was so proud of her! I did more sorting. Then back up to Mrs. M's room and she insisted I do the art project the kids were doing, so they gave me a lump of clay and I made a nice little heart tray from it. They are working on them for Mother's Day, so maybe I will give it to my mother. Then math groups for the afternoon. Back down to shelve books. There was a group in the library all day, so I just shelved the nonfiction from my sorting piles. I had so many books I just piled them in stacks, the 100's here, next the 300's and so on. Got a lot shelved and stayed a bit late to make up for getting in late.

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Susan Hawke said...

We miss you too Debbie!

Hawke ;-)