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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Missing Laura

A pretty ordinary day. Since we don't work tomorrow and there are no kids, I got my weekend reads ready for my LLI kids. They wanted to do the play out of their Fox and Gull book, but when it was time to read, they got all shy and didn't want to do it! Back to the library and to get ready for my classes today. Someone stole my pic of Laura Ingalls Wilder off my February authors board. Really? Seriously? Read Girls Think of Everything about the invention of chocolate chip cookies, the kids really liked that! And the younger ones got The Boy Who Lived on Fairfield Street about Dr. Seuss. Shelved books today. Did my March Bush Library Leaves newsletter and told everyone about my Ireland slide show I'm doing for next week. Had my lunch, did cafeteria duty, back to the library, more sorting and shelving and had some kids in working for me. Some of them just wanted to play with their walkie talkies and walk around, so I sent them back to the gym, but I had a couple that worked really hard. One girl only needs to work for me one more time to get her book paid off! Then up to Mrs. M's room and listened to her read the end of Charlotte's Web. Back to the library for Mrs. H's class, then back up to Mrs. M's class to watch Charlotte's Web. A lady was in there for Mrs. L with a student who need assistance, and she had come from Sprague, so we chatted while the kids ate their snack and watched the movie. Back down to the library for the last bit, shelved like crazy, but still not caught up from letting them take an extra book last month! Thank goodness they're down to just one book for K-2, and two for 3-5! That will help!

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