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Monday, December 1, 2014

Back At It

Had a great day today, even though I was kind of hoping we'd get in some weather and they would cancel school. I was way too busy over the Thanksgiving holiday! Instantly came in and got the rest of the Scholastic monies up to the office for our bookkeeper. I had eight classes come in today and get new math books, and turn in the old. I was very fortunate to have a great substitute come and offer her services for almost all day since she wasn't needed in the classroom! I put her to work! Checking out books, putting labels on the new math books that came in, stripping books with our lovely volunteer Mrs. M. I packed up old books today to get ready for Garten to come in two weeks. I promised them 130 boxes and had the sub count. We have 79 boxes ready to go and I've added to that today. Had to remember that the boxes had to be strong enough for books, but weigh less than 50 pounds each. Pulled out the old discarded library books too! Nearly forgot about the boxes under the table in the back! They are now all set to go! Pulled down the rest of the book fair decor, though someone had taken down a good part of it. Found the stand missing the arrow part and put the arrow back on that I had stashed in my office for the book fair while I used the stand! Emails came and went. I lost some of our 5th graders somehow during the grading period end, so the office put them back on. Had to add a new teacher. Got a lot done, tables almost all back where they belong, except for where the book fair carts sit. Packed up a ton of books to go to LMSS and had the sub type up the list for those. My office is almost clean again! Put in a new bulb and filter for a projector so Mr. M could give it to the new teacher. What else?? I'll let you know if I think of something else!

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