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Monday, December 15, 2014

Scholastic Warehouse Sale!!

I was so excited today to get to go to the Scholastic Warehouse Sale! I had my PO# and a list of books! Had my aides today check out books to a class for first period. Then my second period aides worked on putting barcodes on the last of the new math books. My third period aides did copy updates with book numbers. Mrs. B's class came in for A lunch and 4th period, so I went in the back to put away the science books that the third period boys had updated. Then lunch! Got a call from Scholastic and we talked about the fair for about half an hour, my three bugbears: theft, the drawer not opening, the negative scans. Got a nice set of Scholastic dollars, so I will definitely buy the wooden bookholders I'm borrowing from another school. I've scheduled another book fair for spring conferences and the one for next fall conferences. She had a great idea, to not put out the little crap, but just a board with one of each item they ask me for which I will keep back in my office. I like it. I also need to talk to the parent club about the library and see if they might be willing to help as well. Took some of the books I worked on on Friday and got them all back 'in' and out of 'maintenance'. Then I had to check out books to fifth period science classes and it was time to go! Packed my bag and off to the convention center. It was pretty quiet and not as many books as I thought, but still I got some great deals. I had my iPad, so I was able to look up titles and got a few 2nd books in a series too! 73 books for $317! That's $4.50 a book! Sweet! Got some nice hardbacks, filled in some missing books. Got some new books that should be good for us. I was done by 3, so I brought the car around and picked up my two boxes and bag and headed back to school. Brought them in and put them on a cart. I'll have one of my good aides stamp them tomorrow. I felt good about my purchases. Didn't use all the PO, but felt I covered what I needed to and didn't want to purchase just because I had the money there. Ah, sweetness! Now back to a regular week, four more days until winter break!

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