The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Pleasant Sigh

Today I was able to relax. My office is nearly clean. Worked on the surplus equipment to see what needs to be taken care of and what's actually wrong with it. Cleaned out a filter. One projector needed new legs, but the projector we are getting rid of only has one leg! No use there. Deleted some of the textbooks that we are sending off. Went into the back of the cookie company room to where we have a bunch of old textbooks to see what space we still have back there, I think maybe enough for another set of books. Battled through my cold today, people could hear it in my voice. Checked in and out books and textbooks here and there all day. Really cracked down on the kids coming into the library. Making sure they had passes and what they were supposed to be doing. Today was a day that you just didn't come into the library to veg and escape class! Did have classes in the library computer lab all day today. Did not wear an ugly Christmas sweater for the contest today, but saw some a couple of good ones. I am looking forward to the weekend to kick this cold and relax somewhat!

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