The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hawk on the Fence

We had a windstorm start this afternoon and a big ole hawk landed on the garden fence just outside the library windows. He looked so flustered by all that wind! You know it's windy when a hawk tries to escape it! He watched the buses come in and the kids leave. A bunch of kids stopped and pointed at him, and he finally flew up onto the roof of the library to get away. That was very cool! Did a ton of laminating today for the DLC. Took me about an hour to run their stuff through, then I had some other stuff as well. I shelved today and cleaned up stuff here and there. Had a boy come in to work for me, and I told him what to do, and what I wanted my girl aide to do in different parts of the back room and ended up sending him back to his room! Got some books back to status 'in' from working on them. But had two books that didn't mend right with page tears. I'm usually good with those, but these I know I hurried and didn't really take time with, and it showed. Drats! Checked out math books to a first period class. Had my aides do some delivering today. Worked with our office manager to send a print request for sign in sheets for me. Had three classes in the computer lab today. Really watched my pass kids. During one lunch, one of the kids really was snotty and just out of hand. She came in later to check out a book and I had her come over to the desk and told her that I knew she loved books, and I had always thought of her as a pretty great kid, but recently I had to change my mind about her because of her actions and how sorry I was that I felt that way. She looked suitably sorry, and helped a couple of girls in finding a book for them. We'll see how it goes! Got in a video for a teacher and got in a book for a student, but it was the wrong book, so sent it back with a note. Power flickered a few times, but never went out, but you could really see the trees outside moving!

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