The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, December 12, 2014


Wow, are the back rooms looking good! Got carts cleaned off today. Found a couple of things to go to Garten next week so quick threw them in a box. Took the rest of the stuff on that cart and moved some thing around and got them all on a bottom shelf. I don't think anyone uses them, so they are now out of the way. Fixed up the science textbooks since there was some confusion. Took a funky computer desk thing and moved it out to the library and put it in the spot I had the desk with wings on the sides that I let Mr. M take to his classroom. I'm so happy with the way everything is coming together back there. Took a cart that was in the back and put all the math stuff in the math closet and emptied the cart. Another thing cleaned up! Got some aides working today on the last set of new math books, no hurry on them, so we will work on them. Did some repairs today. Fixed the torn pages I had messed up, hopefully they will be better by Monday. Did some knitting needle repairs and have those all set and glueing. All in all, a great day of accomplishments.

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