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Friday, December 19, 2014

Assembly and Boxes Gone

What a great day! Garten came and picked up our 130 boxes of old surplused textbooks (some still from the 80's!) and took them all away! How splendid! The conference room got turned back into a conference room and everyone was thrilled! Had an amazing assembly at school today, with our choir, our orchestra and the band! A wonderful near hour of music all by some very talented students. It was good! Got all our books put away except for the ones in maintenance and the ones on the strip cart. Checked in and out books here and there.  Gave each of my aides a pick of the 'box' I found with lots of volunteer presents in there. Read cups, bookmarks, a tiny trove of things. They each got to pick one. I also printed up a library word search and word puzzle for them to do! They enjoyed it as well as our 5th graders who come in early to do advanced math here. Came in and got all our teacher resources barcoded for the new math and sent out an email that they were all ready. Worked on barcoding the last of the new student math books as well. Played my Pandora Celtic Christmas mix all day and I think the students enjoyed it. Shut down all the computers in the library and unplugged about everything else. Put the chairs up on the tables hoping maybe the custodians might vacumn the carpet! If they don't, I'll vacumn on the Monday we get back. Took out all the trash. A very nice wonderful day at work. Back on January 5th! Merry Christmas everyone!

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