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Monday, January 5, 2015

Verily, A New Year

New books, huzzah! Came in this morning to see four Baker & Taylor boxes in the office and the books I ordered in October are here! I was so excited! I got the Shakespeare 'Star Wars' books the three of them, hence the title of this post!  A lot to do though. Had to unbox them, check them all off the invoice. On the cart I started to strip all the hardbacks since those are basically ready to go. Mrs. J came in and needs four class sets of science books 'E'. Got those on a cart and we did the update copies on them so they are ready for check out tomorrow. Had five classes come in to check out books for reading time. Had aides vacumn and clean off the top of the shelves. Had another aide put books out on top of the shelves. Had a student come in and work for me to pay off a book. If he comes in tomorrow he'll be good for it. I put away books this afternoon then worked on stripping the new books while the staff meeting went on in the library this afternoon. Got another Kudo slip, who knew? Glad to be back in my library! Lots to do!

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