The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Order in the Library

But not on my blog! Totally forgot to do this last night! So today I had all my aides take the Order in the Library test to see if they'd be able to shelve books for me. They all passed but one, so that one will work mostly with the textbooks.  We were still checking out books today. I collected World Geography books. We no longer use these, so I packed them all up from the teacher workroom and got them on a cart and pushed them back in the back room. I did most of the check in/outs so my aides could do their shelving test. Worked out their shelves that they will be responsible for, and will give them their assignments tomorrow. Did my OBOB group for the first time today! I met during both lunches, had the kids come in during their lunch. We talked about the books, getting teams together, talked about what they needed to do. It was fun! 

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