The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Sunrise

I am very excited that I am almost at the end of putting new books out! Just have a few more to cover and they will be all out for students to enjoy! One of my first period aides did a great job today. He checked out a class set of books. Ran book hold slips out to waiting students. Took mail up to the office. He really did a lot of running around today! He did awesome! Had my second period aides stamp all the new books and write up the titles to send to LMSS. We had a lockdown procedure this morning, and the students that were in the library did a great job. We had to be very quiet because otherwise, we would have never heard the announcement from the principal that the exercise was over! We have no speakers or anything in the room, so we had to listen to hear him through the wall of the classroom next door! Had another teacher take a bunch of the English consumables we found to use in her class. Yeah! So glad they will get used! Also checked her out twenty of our Prentice Hall Silver books. I just love the Prentice Hall Lit books. They are awesome! Emailed and called the ladies who signed up to be library volunteers, I can't wait for them to get to work! Had an absolutely gorgeous sunrise today, took my breath away.

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