The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Back in the Saddle

So good to be back to work today. My substitute yesterday did a great job and I was able to go through her notes and get all that taken care of! I have worked with her before when the other assistant at Sprague was gone and have always really liked her, so I was glad to give her a job! Sent off some Fahrenheit 451's to Sprague and three other books as well. Worked a bit on my last book buy for the year. Trolled through my emails. Checked out books to Mrs. M's classes today. Sent out call slips for books that were on hold. Stripped two shelves of books on the cart in my office. Shelved some books as well. Put up our emergency poster in the library. Found that our OBOB meeting would be next week, so I will put off our student meeting until next week. Asked when/if/how we would be doing overdue and fines for lost books from the first semester. Printed up some notes for the 39 Clues books. Some of them have had their cards taken from them, so I put a adhesive note in there stating that I had left the cards in there so all students would have the opportunity to see and use them and I was sorry if the cards were gone. Mrs. Willer, 1/2015. I was sad that all the new books on the shelves today had missing cards. We'll see what happens next. Was informed that the after school program would be leaving the library area and be in the Commons after the semester break. It'll be so quiet in there then! I might fall asleep! No, I could never fall asleep! Too much to do!

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