The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Computer Check

Today Mr. M came in and we got to talking about the lab & getting it ready for testing in April. So I had my aides go into the lab & turn on each computer, make sure it connected to the internet, and test all the headphones to make sure they were working as well. Had a few issues, so I sent in a tech request. Sent off some books. Checked out four classes of science books. Got all the books shelved that were still left over at the end of the day. Had a student come in and finish off his work for me. Had our January fire drill this afternoon, I had some kids in and learned I need to write in their names and the classes they were in so the office could account for them. I also requested to go to the parent club meeting next week and Mr. M said sure! I will look forward to it! Sent off some more new books today, I just can't say no to a kid looking at the new books! Might have to just start putting them out for kids to enjoy!

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