The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Parent Club Meeting

I was so excited today to have three boxes show up that could only be NEW BOOKS!! Yeah! I asked for our OBOB books to get processed so we'd have them in time for kids to start reading and I got all those plus more! So excited! I got a lot of them out since they were hardbacks from the free pick day we had back right before Thanksgiving. Got extra textbooks put away, worked on points for my speech for tonight at the Parent Club Meeting. Checked in/out math books for Ms. S. Had a ton of students in during 6th period and we had quite the buzz going on in the room! Laminated tonight for two of our teachers. Covered and stripped the new books. Got one of our technicians a bulb for a projector, but it didn't work so he brought it back and took the projector with him. Cleaned out a bulb filter for a teacher on another projector - it rather looked like a lint filter on a dryer after new towels went through! Nice and clean now though! Went to the Meeting tonight and introduced myself to the Parent Club and got three parents to say they'd love to help! Huzzah!! A recommendation for the Book Fair to have a more bilingual books for the next one so I will do that. Then I was terribly embarrassed by Mr. M saying wonderful things about me and how much he appreciated having me there at the school and serving our staff and students. He really put it beautifully and made me feel that I truly am doing the job in a great way. I wish I had recorded it, he really does have a great way with words! 

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