The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Grading Papers

I am so excited I actually graded my aides' papers today! It was great! Worked on the excel spreadsheet for our lit books with my wonderful and amazing volunteer! We got everything all entered, now just to see if the computer says what is actually on the shelf! Did a lot of shelving today. Sent out an email to one of our administrators about my three aides who also help out other times during the day. We have these Lion Pride awards and I hope they get one! Tried to find my scholastic paperwork and couldn't, so I hope they will take books back with an invoice. Had my supervising librarian come by this afternoon and we had quite the chat in between everything else. Talked about numbering the new math books, our Head of LMSS wants to use 5 numbers, but it seemed silly to me when the first of the five numbers were all '0's'. He really does enjoy interacting with the kids and that is fun to see. Met with a few other LMA's down at the Ram to talk about our jobs, what's going right, what needs to be changed. It's a nice time.

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