The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Leaving Early

See what happens when I come back later? Oh, yeah. Emails. I took some time since the library was mildly quiet today to delete old emails I don't need anymore. Created some new folders as well. There were so many and I still have more to do. Worked on my last book order for the year and noticed one of the fields didn't set up right so I let my supervising teacher/librarian know. Most of the books I'm looking for I'm using what I didn't get on the last order, and some new books that students have suggested. Put away a back log of math books, one of this, two of that and got those all put away. My mom had a doctor appointment this afternoon, so I left at 1pm to take her to it. She fell down her stairs on Monday night, slight fracture on her C1 vertebrae, broken right elbow. So off to see her primary care physician. We were to go to the beach this weekend, but off to the doctor instead. With a neck brace and her arm in a cast, no going places for that headstrong woman except the docs!

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