The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Meeting, Meeting

I had two meetings today. I left work at 3 to head over to Claggett Creek for our Middle School Library meeting and then an OBOB meeting after that.  Got my aides all set on their fiction sections, so I'll hopefully get them all working on their non-fiction tomorrow. Did a lot of work on putting together spending my Scholastic monies today, putting together an order. Got my last two aides settled into the library, so now I should be all set for the semester. Had a substitute strip books for me and she finished the cart I had in my office. Had my 'vantastic' volunteer cover my new OBOB books so they are all ready for check out! Had to leave early today to head to our meeting. It was a great meeting, can't wait to share the iPad hook up with the teachers tomorrow. Then we had a great OBOB meeting, and I am really excited about the journey these kids will take! So much fun to be head! I was out there until 5:35 until I headed home. I have my own homework, getting questions on two of our books - Wonder and Into the Wild. Since we were at the meeting, we got to pick! Yeah! So excited about!

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