The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Testing Frustrations

After our meeting last night I tried to kick into gear to get my last funds for the year spent. I think it was the day for "interrupt the library media assistant." Every time I sat down and got one piece done, someone would come up. Most of the issues were with the copier, or I had to clear accounts that had messages on them I had to override. A very busy day, but I really wanted to tag down my books! I did find some cool books on teen anxiety and that made me happy. One of our counselors requested that, so I looked to see what other schools had and got two really nice ones so far. One of our elementary assistants came and picked up her beautiful shelves since I had ordered mine and was waiting for her to pick them up. My aides all got their non-fiction shelves to work on today, and that was fun. I kept the graphic novels for me and had nearly a whole shelf to do! Got kids to bring back some very overdue books. One of my last period aides did a great job of putting my new shelves together and he loved doing that for me! Got a few things cleaned up like I put my repair books back up on their shelf, so my desk looks a lot cleaner! But ready to go home for the weekend!

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