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Monday, February 2, 2015


Came in to find our maintenance man trying to check the library doors to see if they would malfunction the way they did last week. They worked perfectly (of course!). We talked about the next time they did that, I'd call up to our office manager and she would call maintenance and tell his dispatcher and hopefully he'd be able to make it down to see for himself. Picked up another couple of aides today and wrote to our registrar that I really only want two a period. I had an aide tear down my old bulletin board and I managed to get the new one up! Even though I had no access to our color printer (we have a new one that isn't networked in yet), so since I was doing an iceberg theme, it would be fun to just do the bookcovers in black and white. We don't have quite the books the high schools do, so the pool was a bit less on what books we do have, so I included the books that will be out in films this year as well. One of the surplus books from the last drop, Worlds Apart, I hadn't packed up, so I went ahead and packed them up today. Six boxes. Pulled all the World Geography books and had them counted up, they will go on my new list. Need to put on all the High Point books and the Access History as well. We also got an email on the old math books that have been replaced, to sort through, the good and the bad to maybe keep some of the good ones, but get rid of the bad. Put two carts out for books. One from the day before (which was last Friday) and one for the new books that had come in today. So I was hoping the old cart would be all gone today and it was except for an aide that was gone today, and my last period aide who helped the staff prepare packets for the teacher meeting today. So, generally, a success. I still have a lot of kids that have overdue and now described as lost books. Every one of them has said "I turned that in." Ah, no. Worked with one of our technicians today on the library computer lab to see if we can get everything all set for the OAKS testing coming up. We did quite a bit of back and forth, ideas, what I've seen and done in there, what he sees, it was a good conversation. I worked on the book buying list for the last part of the year. I think I'm about half way there. Made some progress on the items I worried about all weekend! So, all is good!

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