The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Doctor is In!

Yes he is! Read Across America day is coming so I worked on a new bulletin board for that today. My one aide started doing an amazing Lorax that we'll get into the board too! Can't wait for her to finish! I must admit, that I am more of the 'copy, paste, color print, cut it out' type of person with artwork that amazing! Though I think I made a really good Seuss-type tree. Had guys come in tonight to rig up the other computer labs and borrowed a lot of my carts for that. Checked in and out more books today. Had our OBOB kids meet in the library during their lunch. Had a few decide to quit today. My one strong team is going for it all the way though! Took a look at what I need to have my volunteers do tomorrow. Pulled up garden books to focus on the garden they have outside the windows. Might pull all the Newbery books onto the rack and put the garden books up on the non-fiction shelf up at the front of the library. Busy day tomorrow!

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