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Thursday, February 19, 2015

All Day Volunteer

Today I had my all day volunteer come in and help out. She did amazing and worked hard all day! First I had her pull Ireland books since President's Day is over and Saint Patrick's is around the corner. She got a bunch pulled and displayed. And we all know I love Ireland!  Then she took my over full cart of books that needed to be stripped and got the whole cart done. She really rocked it. I took all the books I repaired the other day and checked to see how they did and probably about 3/4's of them were ready to go back out on the floor. I've tried just checking them in, but they really need to have their status changed to be 'in' so I did that. I had two graphic novels that were missing pages, so I emailed over to Sprague since they had copies and asked them to make copies of the pages and send them to me and I'd tip them in. Maximum Ride #5 the manga she said didn't have anything, but will send me the pages for Ghostopolis. I tipped in a blank page and noted on it that someone had torn out the page, nothing was really on there, and how sad that someone had done that. Had a lot of kids with long missing books and quite a few said they were in their lockers, so I sent them back to go and get them before I gave them a new book. Did some laminating. Had a student bring in a beautiful new copy of The Lightning Thief graphic novel he had missing, so I laminated the cover. He did a great replacement job! Got in four books from Books Are Fun. They bring in items every month or so and give the library coupons for books based on what our staff buys, what a deal! Got four new books for the library! I think I've worked out how to redo the math books with the new sets we got in and still keeping most of the old. Learned today that Garten would like us to only use one size of box to ship out our books. Great, I have like 40 shades of boxes! So, I will give them an option - 54 boxes of books or 12. Their choice. 

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