The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Pallets, Phone and a Plethora of Students

Crazy day! At one moment we had a whole class in the computer lab, another class exchanging science books. Garten had called to deliver pallets and I had to get the custodian to open the locked area, a student needed help with the copier! Yikes! I can only do one thing at a time! Had three classes come in and exchange science books today. Got my pallets. Helped a teacher get a student changed over. Learned about a new attendance system and registered for that. Got a quote from Escape Fiction on some stuff I need. Boxed up the History Alive books that go to Crossler. Worked on fixing up a couple of graphic novels. Laminated stuffs for teachers. Got my everybody books sorted, which ones I will just withdraw and which will go to LMSS for the elementary's to see if they want. Had our DLC kids come into the library just to look at books. And wonder of wonders, I actually caught a glimpse of Mount Jefferson out the library windows today! I knew it was out there somewhere, but thought it was behind trees. Today it was duskyish out and as I was pushing in chairs for the day, I noticed that this white line stretched up, maybe a cloud formation? But then no, I moved to another window, and another, and it was the mountain! Exciting!! Now if they would just chop down a few trees over there.... Met some of our other middle school library media assistants over at the Ram for our sort of monthly PLC. Again, a great time and a great sharing of information!

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