The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, February 26, 2015


Really sad today. Someone carved into one of our brand new keyboards FUCK U. All I can think of is, that is one angry kid. And on a brand new piece of equipment. That makes me so sad. :(  Had our lovely tech Mr. E in today and so nice to have someone there who knows what is going on and what to do. Made my day to see him here, and to see him working with teachers and students on the new computers. Showing them how to get around and do stuff. Really very nice. Makes me long for the days when we had techs assigned to our building and they could waltz in, wave their magic and ta-da! All was right with our technology. Had my volunteers work on the Language Arts Inventory. As well as weeding out the old stuff in the 300's. Had teachers in the computer lab all day and all morning we were closed for the 8th grade transition meetings, getting them ready for heading on into 9th grade next year at South HS. I had my aides in the back mark out the Leslie mark of the books I'll withdraw. Kept them busy. Worked more on my Dr. Seuss stuffs for Monday. Sent out all school email for everyone to put their favorite Seuss book by their door. My 3rd period aide finished off her Lorax and did an amazing job! I am so impressed by her! We think we will add the Cat in the Hat fish down on the other side of the board then I will post a pic of it. 

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