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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Broken Glass

That's what I walked into today in the library. There was a meeting going on, and I came in the workroom side, and when I got all my stuff put away, came out to get the computers up for the day and behind the main checkout desk was glass everywhere. It looked like some kind of drinking glass and some of the shards you could definitely see Pinocchio on. I went and let our principal know and he said to find our school security guard. I took some pictures on my phone and went down to the cafeteria. Heard that it had happened last night and our assistant principal had called the evening custodian to come and clean it up, but I sure would like to hear what happened. My first thought was one of the windows had shattered, but no. That cup would have had to hit something really hard to shatter the way it did. Won't be taking any shoes off today! Worked my aides shelves today, flipping out the books that were improperly shelved. Contacted two schools that I had some of their old stuff we are sending to surplus with the barcodes. One school said she would delete them and for us to go ahead and put them in with our surplus. Did some checking in and out and that was fun. Usually I have so many aides and they really love to check out, so I let them. Sent out our lit book list to the Language Arts teachers today and they started to have some great conversations about what to do with all those books. Ran some Least Used reports to begin weeding on our district plan for weeding out old books. Some of them have never been checked out, so we start with those first. Why? How long have we had them (if it's a new book, of course it might not have enough data...), how many copies do we have, is it still relevant or have some significance. It's quite the process. So I gave the lists for 100's and 300's to my lovely volunteer and she started working on it. Deleted out some of the surplus books off the records. Had some more of our Newbery's get checked out today! Last day for Blind Dates with Books tomorrow!

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