The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Looking at Books

Worked today on cleaning up emails. Didn't really feel good, so good to sit in a chair and plod through making new folders, deleting, wondering "did I take care of that one?". Checked out four classes of science books today. Had my aides work on old math books, separating them into what was good, what was bad. Had my boys put away science books and put them in order on the shelf. Started to look at the inventory we need to do with our textbooks and pulling up the subject to see how much was on it. I got out the 6th grade Junior Great Books and checked them against the copies 'available' and I was missing two from the 1st semester. None from the 2nd semester, but for some reason the 2nd didn't come up on my Language Arts search. I will have to let Mr. C know about that. Talked to Garten about our surplus books. They will leave me three pallets and I will have to load them. Hopefully the weather will be good and they will come to pick them up when I call. We have no place inside to put them and nowhere outside with any covering, so all should work. I'll just have to pick a day when it will be nice to do it after we get approval. Got science books ready for pick up tomorrow's check outs. 

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