The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, February 27, 2015


Today I went through the two sets of books we were considering for withdrawing. I looked through a whole cart and a half of books that my volunteer had pulled. I probably ended up withdrawing about half the stuff she pulled, so that made me happy. Had a lot of interest in my 'post your favorite Dr. Seuss book' so I hope the teachers all enjoy it on Monday. I posted my fave, The Sleep Book so we'll see how many get posted out of class. A lot of teachers too are planning on reading Seuss on Monday morning! Very nice. My supervisor came over today and took some of our everybody books I was withdrawing. I had one nice moment. A class was taking a test and when they got done, they were just roaming the library, so I took a bunch of our fables (398.2's) and put them out on a table in the computer lab and they just went crazy over them. It was nice. Cupboards were bare, so my hubby brought me a Subway sandwich for lunch. That was very nice!

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