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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Angel Feather

For the staff meeting last night they moved the front table over to all the others and left it there. I came in this morning and decided to carpet sweep where the table would be. There stuck in the carpet was a tiny feather and it made me happy. Mrs. S came in looking for a map of the world, so I went back to my stash of the old wall mounted maps and found one, and we cut it off for her to use. Love making teachers happy! Had my first period aides put the tables back where they belonged. Then it seemed like I had stuff going all day long. Put together my spread sheet for all the discards I want to do on our next pick up. Sent that out to the teachers. Had to separate everything, get ISBN's, count them, get the district wide count, but at least it's all done! Just need official permission and we'll pack everything up the teachers, other schools or Follett doesn't want. Then I went into the teacher workroom and decided to clean up the social studies stuff. Now the three sets of shelves are all cleaned up. Just our History Alive books (Ancient, Medieval and US) there with their teacher materials and some atlases we had. It looks so much better. My amazing volunteer came in and rearranged all that for me and it looks fabulous, straightened up and neat. The Geography Alive I put back in the student store area where some old Access History books were that are now ready to be packed up. I've gotten to help students look for books a few times these last few days and it's been a lot of fun. Had a young lady wanting an adventure fantasy book so I made some suggestions and she checked out two of them! Always makes me smile. Also had students start to pull out the old math books, place in the new books. Then they took the old books and went through them to pull out the good copies so we can get rid of the old copies that aren't so good. Packed up 32 Algebra Connections V.1 books to send back to Sprague. It'll be a great relief to get this next set of books out of here, I'm actually seeing free shelves! My aides did a marvelous job today and I'm sure we all could use a great massage! I had a Kudo bar on my desk this morning for watching the gender split classes last month for Mrs. B. Glad to be of help! Also did a bit of laminating before I went home. Made up some stuff for the OBOB kids tomorrow so they can make passes which I will laminate too!

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