The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Boxing Day

So today I decided since I have so many aides, to unpack the boxes I already did, run the books through the computer to make sure there weren't any that had fines from a student and repack them. I think I repacked about 50 boxes, but I feel better that the books that are in them are clear and 'available'. That was most of my day. I'm tired and probably will need some aspirin in the morning! But most of that is done. I need to pack up about 12 or so more boxes and that will be most of the unused books in the school. I'm very proud of getting that all done! Had a student come in after school and work a very hard hour to take $10 off his account for lost books. Watched the amazing storm out the windows on and off all day. Lots of rain, a slew of wind fluffing the trees all day. Glad I don't have to stop anywhere on the way home!

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