The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


I remember the good old SRA boxes. You would read a little story, answer the questions, then get to move up a level in a color. Then you would move up to the next color, back further in the box. Ah, those were good times. Well, we have two of those boxes and I wrangled one of our Language Arts teachers into taking them. I hate to surplus stuff. Most of it is good, just old. She even said "the kids are going to laugh at these" but still, good stuff! So I helpfully pulled up a cart, gave her the elevator key and said, 'Here! They're light!' and so she did take them to her room. Started packing up World Geography. Had two science classes come in and get books today. Had two Language Arts classes come in to trade old books for new. Had aides sweep out the computer lab today. Traded a teacher a document camera. One of the maintenance men came in and worked on my double door. It wouldn't latch top and bottom on the one side, so we would put a door stop on it, which kind of worked, but not really and he took the door off and got it all working nicely again. Asked if we could get the library workroom door to go off the automatic lock and our office manager came down and said they think it's just wired into the main library doors, nothing they can do about it. Rats. Maybe I could cut the wires... Had my OBOB kids in and we have three good teams with two extra boys. Gave them all questions today and a match up of title to author. Had them make bookmarks to use as passes. Laminated them so they can use them as bookmarks and a pass to get lunch first. Made up an attendance sheet, and a 'books I have read sheet'. Worked more on my books to purchase sheet, halfway there. Want to get that done before the weekend. Sent an email in response to one of our counselors who is putting another student in my first period class as an aide. That would make four. I gave a detailed response and didn't hear back from him. What to do now? I told him with three aides, all the fifth graders who come in the morning, and the kids who come in from South to wait for second period here, I was a pretty busy gal with everyone here. Not to mention if she just gets to sit and do more of a study hall experience, is that fair to my aides who work and get a pass/fail grade. Not to mention how that would look on her transcript? Maybe she just needs to be in study hall then. I'm sure she will be there tomorrow, nothing I can do about it. A busy, but productive day. 

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