The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


A fairly normal day today. Mrs. C had her students in the lab and came to tell me two of the computers weren't working, so I messed about with one of them and got it to start booting up, then over to the other and got the screen to come up. Just a minute or two later a student came running over saying the power supply was smoking! I ran over and quickly unplugged it. I didn't see any smoke, but there was a horrid smell going on and the power box was very hot. I took it into my office to keep an eye on it for a bit to make sure it wouldn't burst into flame. That was a crazy start to the day! Had classes in checking out books. Found a couple of lost books today. Changed the call number on some of our oversized books so they could go on the Everybody shelves. They fit there! Had a girl come in and tell me she had turned in her Child Called 'It' book and so I went over to see if it was there, found one. No, wasn't her copy, looked over to the 921 A section and there was a copy of it there (should be under Pelzer) and then went over to the fiction section and there was a copy over there, at least it was in the 'P' section, but in the Pi's, not even in the Pe's. I really rounded on my kids for that. How embarrassed I was that someone I was trying to help, thought we looked crazy because I couldn't even get her book in the right place and I was telling her she was wrong?? So, I think 6th period got the message. I'll tell the others tomorrow. Got in one book of my Scholastic order. How weird was that? And sent off a box of Junior Library Guild books to LMSS for processing. Got all our Dr. Seuss books ready for Read Across America day, Mrs. V is going to check them out next Friday for her classes. Ordered some boxing tape with the help of our lovely Ms. Z. 

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