The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Everybody Wins

Went through our old High Point book bins today with our Instructional Coach and took all the books out and sent off the list to our teachers. We will be meeting Tuesday after school to talk about what to do with all those lit sets we have. Had a sub start to weed our biographies. Pulled out books in wrong places in the aide sections again today. Done with our Blind Dates with books and filled that rack with our Newbery books. Only had four blind dates that were left hanging. Had a fire drill this afternoon and I had a group of the science kids in, so they all had to sign their names to my tally sheet with the teacher name and we probably took the longest time to get our tally count in. Went through our 5 packed shelves of Everybody books and weeded them out. Went from five overpacked hard to move books to three and a half nice but wiggle roomish shelves and I could display some of them on the top shelf as well. Got one piece of candy for Valentine's Day from an aide and one card from a student. Dumped the trash tonight. Shut down all computers. Closed up the windows. The library will be shut down on Tuesday for NAEP testing, so the aides will have to keep busy in the back rooms. Thank goodness we have three rooms back there! Three days off!

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