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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Cutting Out Europe

Had a great time today. Students came in looking for a big map of Europe. I looked in my drawers and didn't have anything, but then I remembered that when I was cleaning up stuff and moving things into better spaces, we had this old hang off the wall in front of the chalkboard map set. One of those with several maps and you would unroll the one you wanted? So, I guess one of the students is going to Europe and will send updates on where he is so they wanted a map to plot his trip. I took the big set, we found it did have a Europe section. Those things are so big, heavy and bulky, and I thought again, who is ever going to hang it again? No one! So I got a pair of scissors and cut off Europe. It worked perfectly! They were going to hang it and even came back to make sure it would be all right for them to use thumbtacks to put on the wall and I said sure! What a fun thing to do! I felt very pleased with myself! Got all the rest of the new books out today and was happy about that! Checked in/out four class sets of math books. Did the last covering I needed to do and started working on stripping books. Had my wondrous volunteer Mrs. M go back and work on all the lit set titles so I can create a spreadsheet. Laminated some things for a teacher and a sign for the library door that says "Library is closed! Mrs. Willer is having her lunch! Please return at 12:06!"  We'll see if it works! 5th period was amazingly quiet! Only had one student in working on a project. I loved it. Asked around for my sign in sheets in the office and then to reprographics, and finally sent in a new one and I think I got it - Ta-da! Even got a confirmation email! Drippy rainy day out, so I had the lights on all day, even in the computer lab just to brighten the day. I really love working with the students and helping them out with their questions. Helped Mrs. P today get some resources, and one of the subs. Had two more of my aides turn in their written projects to me. Gave a thank you card to our principal for the amazing things he said about me at the meeting Tuesday night. Life is good!

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