The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, January 8, 2015


I got in and took the media cart down to PE for them. Ms. B brought it back at the end of school. Today I helped out other Ms. B with her health class and the reproduction system. Not that I really did anything, but hosted the genders while the other one was in class. She sent them down with an assignment, so I really just monitored them and tried to keep their minds on their work while the other gender was in class watching a video and talking with Ms. B. She was so very grateful, said it was the best teaching on that she'd ever done and the students could ask questions without worrying about the other gender hearing them. They were for the most part very well behaved. Got my new invoice for tattle strips and sent that to our bookkeeper today to get a PO# and get ordered. Stripped three whole cart shelves of books today. My aides were perfect with shelving books today. I had an entire cart full and it all got done except for my aide who was gone. Sent books off to other schools. Lots of kids came down to check out books today. Always makes me smile!

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