The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

One More to Go

One more day until Winter Break! We've survived! I got all the books off the tops of shelves today. It looks pretty bare, but will help with cleaning when we get back. Put strips in books. Took nasty covers off books and painstakingly pulled off old bad film, but didn't laminate since I was the only one who had to. Had a cart of science books I thought my aides had updated copies on and put in numbers and found the cart really hit or miss, and that some were still checked out! Some to a teacher that had just used them, and even a couple to kids who had moved on to high school! That fine will now be gone. I wonder about the other books. Had my aides make more snowflakes and we hung them up from some thread I had there. When the fans turn on, they flutter and it makes me happy :)  My snowflake aides second period left the back workroom a mess, so I left it for them to clean up tomorrow. One day to go!

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