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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Not Much Lunch & the Greenhouse

The library was really busy today during my lunch, which meant that I didn't really get a lunch. It seems a couple of teachers decided to send groups down to the library and forgot that the library is only 'semi-open' during the period between our two lunches. I have an aide then, and she's great, but she's not an adult to corral and check up on the groups. So, I sent out an all staff email today just reminding people that it's my break and that a kid or two quietly working is all right, but just to remember it's my lunch! I remember Mrs. B saying she would close the library, have the sign on the door, turn off the lights and still people would come in and ask questions! Maybe I should feel honored that they think I can do it all! So hopefully tomorrow will be quieter. I felt today like we were used for a study hall and a library! Picked up my PO authorization today and printed up the books I just purchased at Baker and Taylor so I don't double buy. Thinking I will be checking out the graphic novel section, we need new ones and to get some lost ones in. Checked out books to four classes and checked their books in. Checked in and out all day. Laminated the covers on the books I repaired and got them back out there. Cleaned up the library because there is a parent meeting tonight in there. Had my wonderful volunteer work on moving all the lit books to one aisle in the back. She was doing a fabulous job! Mrs. V walked in to the back and was like 'holy cow! it looks so good back here!' made me smile. Finished up the Scholastic Book Fair paperwork today since our bookkeeper got all my totals ready and turned that all in. After work I stopped behind the library to check out the greenhouse. When it's windy, Mrs. V and I notice that the top door swings free, so I stopped to see if I could close one of the panels on the roof and the door. Well, the door top is broken that holds it closed, so I ended up taking a gardening glove that was in there and wedging the door shut. Was about the only thing I could find that would stop it! The roof panel is stuck open, and I couldn't get it closed, so I just left it. Away to home!

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