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Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Had my amazing substitute in again today who wasn't needed elsewhere and she got all the rest of the surplus books packed up for me. wow! I am so excited! I was wondering if I would have time to get that all done and she got it all. Gave her the list of stuff in the old textbook room, she checked on weight, packed each box, taped them up and put them in the room I've been using to store until the week of the 15th. I was so happy! Started to check out three classes of math books today and the teacher came in after the first class and decided to change books - so her other two classes got the changed book and tomorrow morning the first class will exchange. Had another teacher bring in her class set of textbooks and get two more. So did the update copies on all her stuff (and the math books). Got all the Prentice Hall lit books out of the back room so all that's in there is the boxes for Garten. Didn't want to confuse them with having books on the table, but now we actually have room to store them in the library textbook rooms. Checked in and out lots of books today. Worked through most of the Scholastic Book Fair financial form. I just need to see what our bookkeeper says about the cash taken in. We had problems with the scanner wanting to scan negative amounts, so we'll see what comes up when she gets done. I sent her all the information I had from the scanner, so we'll find out if we match at all! Nice to see the room I have after all the books that are gone, in the spring, there will be more that will be on their way! Still have to find room for a few other things that have come in.

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