The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Back Together

Scholastic came today and picked up all the Book Fair stuffs so I was able to get the library back in shape! Tables all ADA compliant, switched out the big table I had behind the main counter for one just a bit smaller. That made me happy! Got more books stored properly on shelves. Put roller paper under the bigger table in the back that made more room back there and emailed the office on how much I had back there. Had first period come in and change their math books. Three other classes came in today and checked in their old reading books, renewed some and checked out new ones. Had classes in the computer lab all day. Had my amazing substitute in for part of the day and she helped again a whole bunch! Gave her some more insight on what it takes to run a library and told her about the Hallman library opening. Does it ever stop in the library?? I don't think so! Fire drill this afternoon and since I had no aides and no kids in the library, it was easy for me! Another great day in the library!

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