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Monday, December 8, 2014

Shrink to Fit - No!

It's not very often, but occasionally I do have to print barcodes for textbooks. They've been damaged and just need a new one. So I was getting book covers ready to laminate today and just grimaced that I'd have to print new barcodes. I know there was just one little thing I needed to change to get them to print perfectly on a 3x10 sheet of labels and for the life of me I couldn't figure it out. Until today! I was printing up the codes and I looked all over the Insignia program preview for that box, and as I finally gave up and hit print, noticed on the print message box "shrink to fit" and the light taa-daa dawned! I just needed to move that to 'none' and voila! There they were, all pretty and perfect! So, today yes, I worked on my book covers that needed to be fixed from tears and some hard wear and tear so I can laminate them tomorrow. We had gotten some 'let's save money' laminating film back a few years ago that really was cheap and didn't work for the abuse our books get, so I peeled off old laminating that was coming apart, fixed the tears, colored in missing colors over the crack n' peel we use for reinforcing the bad spots and generally got them all ready to go. Checked in and out books today, really watched the kids who were sent on passes to the library. Sent in a notice to get a PO for book money at the Scholastic Warehouse sale next week just up the street at our convention center and our principal surprised me by doubling the amount I wanted out of the general fund. Wow! And he wants me to leave earlier to get a better selection! So I will leave next Monday after 5th period and just close the library for the day and go book shopping! That was exciting!! Went to our monthly classified meeting and got a very heart felt thank you from our principal on how many comments he had received about our amazing staff. It was very nice. He also told us about his personal philosophy for his job. One was that every student can learn. I turned it around and said every student can read, when they say they can't, they just haven't found the right book yet! I want every kid to walk into the library thinking they will find a just right book and find more! 

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