The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, June 6, 2016


No, not the club, but another round of inventory. Only got in 18 books today, rats! But I did get the 100 inventory done. I had to call technology and they sent a tech out because the computer decided today that it didn't trust me. They can't do that remotely, so they had to send someone out. I was able to get all of that done today. Had a question about the books that were relabeled GN, for our graphic novels, but maybe I just didn't fill things in properly. I'll check it again tomorrow. I'm hoping to get their 800's done tomorrow. Had textbooks come back. Had another student pay off fines today! I'm so proud of our students that pay off fines. Did a lot of monitoring today as well, lots of students working on their portfolios. A bit warm in the building, got up 99 degrees both days over the weekend and the HVAC was turned off since there were no students in the building. Ugh. At least it was fairly cool in the library since we're downstairs!

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