The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Lit Flip

Today I finished up moving all the books over to lit sets. If a title had more than two copies, out they came and off to the back room! Took out our two racks we had. One had magazines on it and I gave some to the AVID students for a collage and kept just a year's worth. The other had Goosebumps books on it and I finally decided we had a ton of space in the reference section, so moved a few things and put them over there. Then I put the two racks up for grabs and they have new homes! Also took a look at our Core Connections books. They are so bad looking. I sent a picture and an email to our PA and our curriculum support person. I may get newer looking ones, but we'll see. Checked in more books from Mrs. V who is retiring! She's cleaning out! Did some more repairs. More new book spine numberings. Didn't get very many books in today. Only about 40. Kept eagle eyes on students coming in to study today. Sent a few emails out to teachers. Another great day in the library though I hope we get more books back tomorrow!

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