The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

You Just Might Work in a School Library...

I had to leave at 2 today for a dentist appointment. So a quick day for me! Checked in all of Mr. B's books he had piled on a cart for me last night. I had to do some repairs on the social students books. I had a stack of about ten I had to white out, cover with split and peel paper, erase. What a mess! Got them all done and the cart of books put away. Did more monitoring today. Got in a few more books today, only about 30. Hopefully with locker clean out tomorrow we'll get in a bunch. Sent off an email to my fellow LMA's about the life of a school librarian. If you've ever had to erase certain words or anatomical drawings from multiple copies of textbooks, you might just have worked in a school library! If you've ever had a student swear they had never seen that book much less checked it out and bring it in the next week, you might just have worked in a school library! I could go on! I finally sent it to our boss to see if he'd like to use it for our end of the year meeting. A busy day for a short one, but glad it's over! And a good dental report as well!

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