The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, June 3, 2016


I was getting the itch to do inventory and noticed that we were supposed to do our Everybody books this year, so I got the old computer fired up and did that inventory today. 377 books, we were only missing two. Started off missing four, but I found two of them. Maybe the others will show up! Glad to get that piece going. Did more repairs today and got more books back on the shelves. A lot of shifting to make space happened today as well. Got all the math books I had piled up on the back table back on their shelves today too. Only had 12 library books come in today - ugh! 601 to go! A few textbooks came back as well. Still quite a few students in the lab today, though not nearly the amount of yesterday! Cleaned up the lab tonight. Putting away headphones, pushing in chairs, getting everything turned off for the weekend. Gave away my two spinner racks and one of the LMA's came over to pick one up so I helped her out to her car. A hot weekend ahead, up around 100 degrees! Closed the blinds for my windows all the way down!

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