The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Gone, Gone, Gone

Yep! Students got out at noon today! A busy quick time with students. A great Talent Show! One gal sang acapella a dirge from Lord of the Rings and was fantastic!! Loved it! The others were all great too! We did our annual making noise to drive the students out when the noon bell rang. We were very noisy. I took an old floppy drive plastic case and filled it with coins. It was loud! We started up in the main hallway, then someone pulled the fire alarm, so we went out the front, then curled around the school to end up at the buses as they left. A lot of fun! Took in more books. Got some spray glue and worked on the math books gluing on folder boards to the covers so hopefully they might last better. I am testing five and letting them sit overnight, so we'll see how it goes. Almost got all the math books put away. Signed off teachers for the year from books. A great day, with lots to do tomorrow! Last Wednesday!

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