The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Ben and Andy

Yep! Today was the last Tuesday at work! Busy day, checking in lots of books. Sent out all the notices to the 6th and 7th graders today, mostly during 6th for lost books. Got back a bunch of 8th grade lost books. Tons of textbooks came in. Got two sets of math books all organized (thanks library team! - aides and some of the others that like to help out!) and put back on the shelf. Helped teachers with their books out. Went to watch the awards ceremony this morning. So many talented students! I am so impressed with how these students have already decided to be outstanding citizens. Very cool! Laminated a ton of money today for the DLC. Not in color, and not quite the right size but I did whole baggies of $1's up through $100! Kind of fun except that my laminator rolls ran out and I had to change over to new rolls. Ugh. I just dread doing it! I got one roll on wrong, but noticed before I did anything, so swapped it around, had to feed the other one a different way, so did that. Finally, they all worked out great. Got everything done and won't have to change the rolls anytime soon!! Ended up staying late to finish up, but glad I did. Would rather finish and have it all done than come back in the morning and it's better when the laminator is warm anyways! Last half day of student contact tomorrow! Time to begin inventory too!

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