The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Summer is Here

And I am out of here! Got in and had a parent call our bookkeeper that she had a bill for her student's math book which was never brought home. So I started today with going to the 6th grade math rooms and looking to see if I could find it. No luck, but I did find some library books. So I ended up going through all the classrooms to find books. Found about ten of them, so that was good! I ran a report on the remaining lost books and searched for them. Found one more. I took the books that came up skanky on inventory and ran them all one by one. I found three that had been lost and paid, so I took that paperwork up to the bookkeeper. I stripped the new books we had so they will be all ready to go in the fall. I put away all the rest of the books we had gotten in. Mr. M asked me to put the old projectors on a cart for the techs to pick up. Listened to a webcast of LBGTQ (not sure of all the initials!) new literature and came up with a few more books for that diversity. Looked up the age range for them to make sure they'd be all right to order. A great last day, and I am ready to enjoy my summer! Farewell! See you in late August!

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