The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Today I got done the inventory on the 800's. No thanks to the inventory computer. The keyboard refused to talk to the hard drive. I tried restarting the computer three times. Tried two other keyboards that work fine. Nothing. I ended up bringing the books over to the main library computer and doing it there. Of course, I put in a tech ring and when he came over, he turned it off and back on (like I'd done three times already) and it worked just fine. Really???? Seriously??? At least I still got that inventory done and the graphic novels today. Put away in order another of the math books. Answered calls from several people (!) when I hardly ever hear it ring. Had lots of students in working on projects so did a lot of monitoring. As I walked the lab one time, one of the students who had been up with our principal told me he had a problem and that I looked like I was intelligent. Really??? I told him wow, no one had ever told me I 'looked' intelligent before. Then I had him just hit the undo button until his page was back where he wanted it. Got back from my lunch walk and there were about four girls just sitting in the library. I told them, did they not notice the library was closed?? They said their teacher had told them to come down. I asked them if they told their teacher the library was closed??? No. I sent them back to class. They returned promptly at 12:06 when I reopened! Did a ton of laminating for the LEAP club this afternoon. Was glad to go home and await the orchestra concert tonight! Can't wait to hear our students play!

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