The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, June 10, 2016


A basketball player I am not, but still played in the student/staff game today anyways! Had shortened class time to make way for it. I'm a bit sore, I fell over a student, got a bit of skin scrapped off, but for the most part good to go! Staff barely won the game, 43 to 42! So close! A great game! I played about four minutes with the 6th graders and another four with the 7th graders. After that I was glad I did not play the 8th or their dream team! We might not have won if I was in there! Lots of textbooks in today and still more library books though I still have lots out there. I posted the 'lost' books and went out today and wrote on the ones that had come in today in pretty markers 'In!!'. Hopefully students will notice! Asked Mr. M if we could send out an autodialer to remind families to look for library books at home this weekend. Had a new student come into the library today as an alternate place for her to be. She got done a bunch of work after I took her cell phone and locked it in my closet. I was pretty impressed. Got math books sorted, all the history and Spanish books put away. Cleaned off the table just under my office windows. A busy day. 6 more working days to go!

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