The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Textbooks In

We got in another ton of textbooks today so I was very busy checking all those in. Loved seeing all the 'textbooks still out - 0' notices come up on the accounts! Our Assistant Principal asked about my lost books list out in the hallway and suggested I send out notices, so I did all the 8th graders today during 6th period. Hopefully they'll bring more back tomorrow. We only got in a very few today. Had more sorting of math books out for my aides today. Had them put away science books too, there's still some left for tomorrow! Tried to run 6th and 7th grade notices and tried changing the message on the fine/overdue message and couldn't get it to work. Hummmm. I called LMSS, but I might have to call them again! Did a couple of repair things. Got a TV cart upstairs to a class. Got a projector up and running for a teacher. Heard these crazy bird sounds coming from the library and it wasn't the 8th grade boys there, it was Mrs. K's class and them doing a final run at their Greek mythology unit with a game! Mrs. K had a game on and the students could pick what they would next. It was fun to watch them be totally engaged as they talked about who did what, who should they pick next. Very fun! Enjoyed a lovely band/choir/orchestra concert this morning. Nearly cried as I watched our 8th graders and the special recognition they got. Only a day and a half to go!

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