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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Last Thursday

For students anyways! We had locker clean out this afternoon and I was hoping to get in a few hundred books, we only got in 51. Man, that was so disappointing. We still have nearly 400 books out there, and only three more full student contact days. We did check in a lot of textbooks today, and yes, library books too. We've gotten in about 200 this week. Had to have carts out and ready for the end of the day. I took a walk around the school to check on them just before they released students and some of the students were carrying a cart down the stairs. Really??? So I took it back up on the elevator. Found the cart that needed to be in one hallway, down a different hallway (by those same stairs....) Got all our books put away today. Glad to see some books come in though. There were  quite a few I was like "oh, there you are!" Hopefully we get rid of our last spinner rack tomorrow morning. Had my aides help me move tables around. Not sure if I like them that way, but maybe they'll stay, maybe they won't. Might put them back the way they were. Monitored students. Printed up a lost book report and hung it out in the hallway (without names or phone numbers). Mrs. V suggested we do an auto-dialer for the lost and overdue books. Might help. Tried to see if we could figure out the curriculum map for books for display for next year. Talked to Mr. M about our 'most voracious reader' winner for this year, and I might try to convince him to do just a little bit. I'm feeling like it is important, and to keep our readers and library as a vital part of the school. We'll see if he agrees or not. A very busy day. We are all ready for summer vacation to start!

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