The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Boo - k Graveyard

Today I worked on a Halloween themed set up in the library. I made a tombstone 'The Boo - k Graveyard' and displayed a bunch of Halloween themed books and had my aides put up scary books up on their shelves. Checked out three sets of math books and checked in three sets. Did two of my Library of Congress booktalks - I really love to do those!! Checked in and out all day. Made a cat out of a discarded book and worked on some 'leaf' pages to sprinkle around the books. I have two sets of book picture pumpkins drying out and will finish them tomorrow! Loving how it is turning out. Also put out arrows on the Margaret Peterson Haddix poster and quotes on the hallway saying "This Thursday!!!" I think I'll flip them to say "Tomorrow!!" On Wednesday and on Thursday say "Today!!!" I had one student say he was going to go. Makes me happy! Checked the books I had repaired Friday and got them all out on the shelves. Got in some new books!! Squeeee!! Not very many (10), but some at least!! Put in their tattle strips and got them out there!

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